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Jowi Taylor is a multiple award-winning writer, broadcaster, consultant and cultural entrepreneur. Six String Nation, conceived in 1995, took eleven years to bring to life and is centered around a single acoustic guitar nicknamed Voyageur. This unique instrument has been crafted from 64 pieces of wood, bone, metal, stone and horn, representing a variety of cultures, communities, characters and events from every province and territory of Canada. The project combines music, media, community engagement, and the dynamics of Canadian history and multicultural identity.

Six String Nation is a multi-media presentation that is informative, entertaining, inspiring and profoundly moving for Canadians of all backgrounds. The show distills stories of Canada's diverse cultures, communities, and characters. Jowi’s presentation goes beyond Canada’s cultural clichés, galvanizing audiences with a story that is as deeply personal as each individual in the room and as vast as the country itself. Voyageur is an object that is at once a touchstone, a talking-stick and a living instrument that will be brought to life through performances by guest artists: Patty McLaughlin, Anne Walker and John Prince.