"Anne Walker is a singer-songwriter who covers a broad spectrum of topics. She has a strong, powerful and gorgeous voice with which she delivers her own strong, powerful and gorgeous songs. She sings about family, friendship, loss, seeking, the journey, motherhood, aging, love and relationships. She just may evoke some tears of regret, longing, grieving and, for certain, laughter! Yes, she is both serious and hilarious. An absolute delight for both the eyes and the ears, a rather unique experience as we enjoyed the beauty, the emotion, and the captivating energy of the entire performance, musically, lyrically and visually."             Lucy Bowers, Big House on the Hill House Concerts, Toronto 

“An inspiring concert. Wonderful music and resonating stories. I'll be thinking about it for a long time.”  Polly Wells, Toronto ON

“such a magnificent voice that, for me, has an epic, larger-than-life aspect” Steve Ritchie

"You could have heard a pin drop in the room. It doesn't matter what the distance is between her and the audience- -she just connects." Al Graham, Toronto 

"Her music is sublime and her lyrics touch the deepest places of your heart. When I listen to Anne's music my eyes often fill with tears. But they are for beauty, not for sadness. Anne's heart is interlaced with the truths so many of us struggle to grasp. And while those truths often buckle the knees of otherwise strong and hearty folk, Anne is able to carry them with grace because she weaves them into her songs and her music. Listen carefully and you will hear not only Anne's truths poured out in music, but your own.”       Gretta Vosper, Toronto

“Canada has given us quite a few very talented female singer songwriters over the years and Anne Walker's music is no exception.” Rambles.NET