Anne Walker is a Canadian singer-songwriter who writes moving and deeply honest songs and delivers them in a strong, expressive voice. As a songwriter, she writes with heart and soul and mind. Strong, well-crafted lyrics present vivid images and stories. There is an integrity and honesty that springs from deep feeling and spirituality in its broadest sense. 

As a singer--her haunting voice is strong, clear and expressive. Often drawing comparisons Kathy Mattea, Connie Kaldor and Anne Murray, Anne's rich voice lends itself well to the variety of her material.  And variety there is--a pleasing blend of  country, folk, ballads and blues. 

Anne was raised on a small farm in the beautiful, rolling countryside of Central Ontario. These roots in a country life are evident  in the contemplative nature of her music and the quiet strength of her words. 

She has released four recordings of original songs: Down the Horseshoe Valley Road (2015), Over My Shoulder(1995), Labyrinth (2008), Rainwater (1989); and has performed at a variety of venues, from festivals and clubs to intimate receptions and house concerts.

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