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Although based in Toronto for many years, Anne Walker was actually raised on a small farm in the beautiful, rolling countryside of Central Ontario.  These roots in a country life are evident in the contemplative nature of her music and the quiet strength of her words.

Anne began her career as a folk musician playing coffee houses and small folk clubs in the 1980s.  She released her first independent recording “Rainwater” in 1989.  Danna Garcia of Canadian River Music (Texas) declared this recording “a favorite for '89/'90.”  Anne also found a following in Ireland. In 1990 she won the song competition at the Ballyshannon Folk Festival and returned to perform there in 1991.

Throughout the 1990s Anne performed frequently at festivals and clubs, including appearances at Summerfolk (Owen Sound), Home County Folk Festival (London), Caffe Lena (Saratoga Springs) and Rasputin's (Ottawa).  “Over My Shoulder”(1995), her second recording, was produced and arranged by award-winning guitarist Tony Quarrington.

The year 2008 marked a comeback for the singer-songwriter with the release of  “Labyrinth”.  The CD was produced by well-known folk music producer Paul Mills and includes a stellar list of guest musicians.  It contains a collection of songs for the “life journey” which, like the turning path of the labyrinth, twist through the joys and sorrows of life.

Anne continues to offer music to audiences in a variety of venues, including concerts (Acoustic Harvest), clubs (Hugh's Room), intimate receptions and house concerts.  She leads listeners through her musical explorations--from the joys of friendship and the hope found in children, to the despair of "the dark night" and the solace of memory.


"When I listen to Anne's music my eyes often fill with tears.  But they are for beauty, not for sadness, for what moves me, not what refuses to be moved.  Anne's heart is interlaced with the truths so many of us struggle to grasp.  And while those truths often buckle the knees of otherwise strong and hearty folk, Anne is able to carry them with grace because she weaves them into her songs and her music.  Listen carefully and you will hear not only Anne's truths poured out in music, but your own"  Gretta Vosper, The Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity (


It's not all serious though. Anne's concerts are sprinkled with witty songs about contemporary life--shopping for bathing suits, the aging process, cross-border shopping, and, of all things, "Laundromat Love Affairs".


"Anne Walker is a singer-songwriter who covers a broad spectrum of topics.  She has a strong, powerful  and gorgeous voice with which she delivers her own strong, powerful and gorgeous songs. She sings about family, friendship, loss, seeking, the journey, motherhood, aging, love and relationships(both ending and beginning).  She just may evoke some tears of regret, longing, grieving and, for certain, laughter!  Yes, she is both serious and hilarious."  Lucy Bowers, Big House on the Hill House Concerts


A commanding stage presence, Anne weaves her songs together with stories and observations, delivering a performance with sensitivity, clarity and strength.


" You could have heard a pin drop in the room.  It doesn't matter what the distance is between her and the audience--she just connects."  Al Graham



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