Over My Shoulder

“Over My Shoulder”(1995) was Anne's second independent release.  It was produced and beautifully arranged by guitarist and Juno Award winning producer Tony Quarrington.

The depth and diversity of the content are reflected in the variety of musical styles.  Listeners are up-lifted by the rousing, country feel of “These Are Mine”--a forward-looking song with a nod to the past.  There are poignant ballads, “Carry On”, “A Place To Cry”, “Love You Strong” and a touching exploration of the wonders of motherhood in “A Mother's Hands”.  The mood changes to an urgent Latin beat in  “Ululo” which addresses the oppression of First Nations people.  Title track, “Over My Shoulder” is a country waltz in which Anne pays tribute to her father—a farmer.  Comic relief comes in the form of “Swimsuit Blues”--a hilarious, bluesy song about the horrors of shopping for bathing suits. This song was featured in Joan Prowse's 1997 documentary film “Beauty and the Beach”.

This recording also features the sensitive and skillful playing of Kirk Elliott (violins, accordion, flute), Jeff Bird (bass, harmonica, percussion), Randall Coryell (drums, percussion) and Vitek Grabowiecki (keyboards), with backing vocals by Sue Smith (The Bird Sisters).


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