"Rainwater" was Anne Walker's debut recording released in 1989.  It set the bar high with Walker's sensitve, well-crafted songs delivered with power and clarity.

Danna Garcia of Canadian River Music in Amarillo, Texas wrote the following:

"Canadian Anne Walker writes songs with a unique perspective, deeply honest with a hint of bitter experience, yet mysterious--still a seeker.  A sensitive personal touch to the perfect portrayals of her lyrics combines with a lovely, feeling voice.  

Her rocking 'Have I Told You Today?' recognizes how easy it is to criticize rather than speak of love, while 'Rainwater' is a personal response to a favorite singer's music.  It has a vulnerability found again in 'Solitude' and her torchy 'Your Eyes'.

Her pun-filled 'Laundromat Love Affair' is wickedly witty and torchy at once.

'Nothing Grows Here' is a passionate indictment of the triumph of city, and its values, over forest and field.  'Frost on the Glass' provides a powerful winter portrait of a homeless woman sleeping in a bus shelter.

There's glorious optimism and inspiration in 'Hills of Montana', 'A Growing Tree' and the tapestry of 'Rainbow Train'.

A favorite for '89-90!"

The recording was produced  in Toronto by George Axon.  George provides acoustic and electric guitar and dobro. Other musicians include Al Cross on drums; David Woodhead, bass; Ed Roth, keyboards; and Brad Smith on harmonica.




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