In 2008 Anne released this beautiful album produced by Paul Mills.  This CD contains a collection of songs for the “life journey”. Like the turning path of the labyrinth, the songs twist through the joys and sorrows of life—love and loss, loneliness and connectedness, despair and hope, darkness and dawn. 



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Track Listing


  1. Cupid's Best Arrow
  2. Disappear Into the Darkness
  3. Clouds
  4. Precious Friends
  5. One Dandelion
  6. That's What I'm Here For
  7. Labyrinth
  8. Let It Shine
  9. The Dark Night
  10. Sunrise
  11. Share a Memory
  12. The Ocean

A labyrinth is a single path that starts at the outer edge, moves into the centre and then back out again. It is used as a tool for meditation, reflection and inner exploration.  “Labyrinth” is a collection of original songs in the folk/roots style, offering reflection and encouragement for the life journey.  The title song uses images of the labyrinth walk to describe a personal, emotional journey inward to a place of self-discovery.

These songs are connected by recurring images of light and darkness. The light is a place of hope or a new beginning—a dawning.  There is the light of friendship, the light of love and the inner light of the soul.  The darkness is sometimes a period of difficulty, sometimes a place of not-knowing and sometimes a relief and a letting-go.  The imagery is most directly used in “The Dark Night” where we pass through the necessary darkness to the promising light of dawn.  But it also runs through the other pieces and weaves the songs into coherent whole.

As in life, there is much joy and celebration here.  A sense of meaning and purpose is discovered through making connections (“That’s What I’m Here For”).  The importance of friendship, family and community is found in “Precious Friends”. “One Dandelion” illuminates the power of the individual to make a difference.  The songs reinforce the hope found in children (“Disappear Into The Darkness”), the importance of reaching for dreams (“Sunrise”), the solace of memory (“Share a Memory”) and love (“Cupid’s Best Arrow”).  

There are moments of loss and uncertainty.  “Let It Shine” is a song which holds the pain of grief in one hand as it attempts to move forward—honouring the spirit of the loved one who lives on the in hearts of the bereaved.  In “Clouds” the message is one of facing difficulties honestly—opening up to real feelings and a fully-experienced life.  “The Ocean” confronts our frailty and mortality, presenting a perspective of hope and optimism.

The words and music in this collection blend to offer healing, hope, gratitude and wisdom.  They are carried by the voice of songwriter Anne Walker with strength, sensitivity, clarity and heart.

“Unlike a maze whose intent is to get us lost, the labyrinth is designed to get us found.”

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