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“a big, powerful voice”

Dirty Linen



“a unique voice—in both senses”

Bob Bossin



“This is one of Canada’s biggest undiscovered talents. This lady is a great writer.”

Al Graham



“You could have heard a pin drop in the room. It doesn’t matter what the distance is between her and the audience—she just connects.”

Al Graham



“The songs have a clear message…and that just goes with the voice. They make a statement together.”

Tony Quarrington



“Canadian Anne Walker writes songs with a unique perspective, deeply honest, with a hint of bitter experience—yet mysterious, still a seeker. A sensitive personal touch to the perfect portrayals of her lyrics combines with a lovely feeling voice”

Danna Garcia, Canadian River Music



“a lovely, fragile voice akin to that of Jennifer Warnes”

Mitch Potter, The Toronto Star



“such beauty -- and hope - and reality- and darkness - and light - and searing honesty...”

Deb Ellis


“Walker knows how to draw emotions from the soul of her audience"

John Cooper



"I don't know where beauty comes from. It's some sort of mystery. But Anne is indeed one of its most precious and artistic channelers."

Gretta Vosper



“All these songs have such a way of touching one's heart and spirit; it's an amazing talent.”

Kerry Gibson



"the voice and melodies and lyrics have a haunting, Celtic quality that drew me right into the music.  Definitely the best stuff I have heard in some time."

Jean Harnden


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