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Welcome to Anne Walker's website.  Here you will find music to move you.


Anne is a singer/songwriter based in Toronto. As a songwriter, she writes with heart and soul and mind. Strong, well-crafted lyrics present images and stories that trigger moments of recognition in the listener. There is an integrity and honesty that springs from deep feeling and spirituality in its broadest sense.

As a singer--her haunting voice is strong, clear and expressive. Often drawing comparisons to Connie Kaldor, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Jane Olivor, Anne's rich voice lends itself well to the variety of her material.


And variety there is--a pleasing blend of folk, country, ballads and blues that explore both the lighter and darker sides of life.  There is poignancy and purpose and power. And there is humour! Anne's performances, while intimate and thought-provoking, are buoyed up by her sense of joy and her lively wit.


"Her music is sublime and her lyrics touch the deepest places of your heart." Gretta Vosper


"Such a magnificent voice that, for me, has an epic, larger-than-life aspect" Steve Ritchie

“Her songs combine thoughtful, personal, honest lyrics with nice melodies, and they have a timeless quality.” Rambles.net  ( Read the full review at http://www.rambles.net/walker_labyr10.html .)


"You will not be disappointed with Anne Walker, an amazing singer-songwriter whose music is stunning.  Her powerful voice delivers the beautiful songs she writes, and will engage your heart strings and your sense of humour without fail." Lucy Bowers



















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